Dominik Zulovec Sajovic

Living and working in the UK since August 2015. Dominik has finished his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Informatics in Slovenia and is currently finishing his thesis for a Master’s degree in Data Science at City University London.

Currently, he works for Cyberratss Ltd as a Data Analyst and Lead Web Developer. Dominik’s passion is to be an entrepreneur and focus on projects that really interest him.

Dominik developed Kicknotify till this point and is continuing to develop it further. Every time he works on a project, he aims to make the project better than all the others and looks at every project not only through the eyes of the developer but also a business man and the end user.

Frano Lubura

Frano moved to the UK in January 2014. While doing his Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics (Marketing Direction), Frano owned and managed a Retail Shop in his hometown in Croatia.

In his final year of Bachelor’s degree, he moved to the UK and started working in SSGC Ltd where he climbed the ladder and became the Finance Manager, position which he still holds today.

In March 2016, Frano enrolled in Global MBA at Oxford Brookes University as one of the youngest candidates ever. Frano wants to be an entrepreneur again and is sure that the knowledge gained through his working experience and his MBA will help him succeed.